The Kavli Institute for Bionano Science & Technology (KIBST) at Harvard University seeks to develop a deeper understanding of the functioning of life and biology at the nanoscale level.

To facilitate interactions between theorists and experimentalists, Harvard students, faculty, and researchers have access to a dedicated Kavli seminar room on the 3rd floor of Pierce Hall.

Kavli Nanoscience Institutes

Science at the atomic scale, The Kavli Foundation supports pioneering research aimed at understanding our micro-universe and creating new materials, machines and substances that benefit humanity.

Kavli Prize in Nanoscience
The Kavli Prize in Nanoscience is awarded for outstanding achievement in the science and application of the unique physical, chemical and biological properties of atomic, molecular, macromolecular and cellular structures and systems manifested in the nanometer scale. This includes molecular self-assembly, nanomaterials, nanoscale instrumentation, nanobiotechnology, macromolecular synthesis, molecular mechanics and related topics. TheKavli Prize consists of a scroll, medal and cash award of one million dollars.

Futures Symposia and Frontiers in Science
The Kavli Futures Symposia a series of high quality scientific symposia on topics of emerging importance in the fields of astrophysics, nanoscience and neuroscience. The Frontiers of Science symposia bring together some of the very best young scientists across many disciplines to share and discuss exciting advances and opportunities in their fields.

Educational Resources
Videos and feature pieces have been created for teachers and students. This includes a video interview with renowned researcher George Whitesides, a video introduction and Kavli director panel discussion, feature stories, written science overview, institute profiles and other materials.